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GX Awards [Gospel Xplosion Awards is a United Kingdom based platform that celebrates personalities in the Gospel TV, Media, Music & Community Sectors. GX Awards is under the umbrella of The GX Ministries which is a Christian music and media Production Company that aims to highlight the goodness of Jesus Christ by showcasing, celebrating and using the excellent gifts that God has blessed many music artists with. Our aim at Gospel Xplosion is to present the gospel in a vibrant, dynamic and impactful way whilst dispelling the common belief that Christianity is boring and exclusive.

Music & Media are some of the biggest vehicles to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world and has the power to reach every ear, age, race and has the ability to get every foot and heart tapping. The foundational principle of GX Ministries is based on Mark 16:15 which proclaims, “And He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation” and that is just is emulated at Gospel Xplosion Ministries.

Ministers of the gospel all have one common denominator, which is ‘KINGDOM BUILDING’. The GX Ministries encourage Ministers of the gospel to continue in their pursuit by creating various platforms for them to spread the gospel and exhibit their gifting’s, which is the initiative that lead to the prestigious GX Awards.

The inaugural GX awards was held in 2015 [London], then the follow up was in 2016 [Birmingham] and then back to Birmingham in 2018.

CEO/Director Annete Bee

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